In scandinavia is only one Hrcka his name is Zdravko, he send me this eMail:

Hi!! Glad to hear from you.Iam also looking up for Hrcka around the world and there are not so many with that name.If you prefer i can wright in croatian to you. My grandfather came from a place not far from Bratislava and my grandmother came from Czechia.They moved to a place called Caglin in Croatia and there is my family.This is the only plays in Croatia where you find someone with the Hrcka name.My father/mother came to Norway/Oslo so i am the only one who has the Hrcka name in Norway(I think iam the only one in the whole scandinavia). Tell me a little about your family. Regards

Zdravko Hrcka

Michal Hrčka

~ Michal is a founder of company (Obnova inc.) that is mostly concerned with restoration and conservation of historical facades, interiors and castles using traditional materials and techniques. ~ In the year 2000 he established an internet magazine about cultural heritage, which is the biggest internet medium at this field now. ~

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