Starting the database for cooperation on family tree

I want to tell you, I am tonight launched already Database for cooperation on family tree. I can, and others interested in the family tree node and create another database access for filling data. Maybe, that is why our branches and get to the oldest ancestor. All data is protected by a double security. Private data of living persons are invisible to other persons outside your branch. If you are interested in cooperation, please write me an email to [email protected]


Total Individuals 242
Total Males 118 (48.76%)
Total Females 124 (51.24%)
Total Unknown Gender 0 (0%)
Total Living 50
Total Families 77
Total Unique Surnames 73
Total Photos 234
Total Documents 16
Total Headstones 0
Total Histories 0
Total Recordings 0
Total Videos 0
Total Sources 0
Average Lifespan1 57 years, 268 days

Michal Hrčka

~ Michal is a founder of company (Restoration inc.) that is mostly concerned with restoration and conservation of historical facades, interiors and castles using traditional materials and techniques. ~ In the year 2000 he established an internet magazine about cultural heritage, which is the biggest internet medium at this field now. ~

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2 Responses

  1. Miroslav Hrčka says:

    Tomas had Hrčka 6 children
    Stefan- Bytom Likavka lives
    Thomas- Bytom Martinček lives
    Kalman – Bytom Lisková lives
    Ludmila married Šbanová apartment RBK lives
    Viktor – Martinček lives
    Joseph – The. Nicholas lives

  2. Michal Hrčka - harp says:

    We incorporated into the family tree.

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