Hatala, To see the Hrčka – Import z Fínska?

Kolega genealog Stanislav Hatala all Likavky Patras po rodoch power of Kello, along the way he got the information also about gender Hrčka in this area. Information from him about Likavský Hrčkovcoch see here: http://www.hrcka.info/likavka-a-martincek-ruzomberok/

The last quote from his email

Registers helped me till the end 18. large. Later apparently there, burnt. I have not confirmed, that some families have lost such Likavčan. from Finland, although it is interesting, that it is in Finland occur surnames Hata, Kelly / Annex to this picture town Kello, asterisk denotes the town Hatala /, Kondra, Baran Kacka. It is also Likavský surnames. I think, the birth lump came into Likavka at the end 18. large. I have verifiable Hatalovcov from Likavka of RK. what registers are preserved, od her thing 1790. And only a death charges due under the age of the deceased, year of birth. But it is inaccurate. Nemožem bridge the period between registers to some landowners. Resp. only speculative…

Greets, S.Hatala

This information provides more space for search and talking about, that it is in the genealogy, unless you are in the hands of the facts and evidence, you do not.

Michal Hrčka

~ Michal is a founder of company (Restoration inc.) that is mostly concerned with restoration and conservation of historical facades, interiors and castles using traditional materials and techniques. ~ In the year 2000 he established an internet magazine about cultural heritage www.obnova.sk, which is the biggest internet medium at this field now. ~ http://hrcka.eu/kontakt/

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3 Responses

  1. Ondrej Hatala says:

    Good day,
    I got the quest about the 50 next year, ev.a.v. registers in Záturčie near Martin. Name Hatala has indeed Finno-Ugric origin, but I do not, that would come from indigenous Hatalovci Finland. Similarly, in Slovakia we have community Hatalov http://www.obechatalov.sk/obec.htm, but I suppose, the roots are elsewhere. Similarly, the spoken name Hatala (Hattala, Entry into, Hataľa…) in my view point to the different effects. When I saw the name of the pastor (Ioan Kalintsák), who wrote my ancestors in the register, I also took, until I realized, it is actually John Kalinčiak, on which the children are learning in school.
    It is in Hungary, many holders name hatálya (the words. Hataľa). What does this mean? Only call. Let's try and see. But perhaps not…
    Good luck.

    Namesake Ondrej, perhaps a distant family :-)

  2. We recommend you connect with Stan Hatalov of Zilina: http://www.art.sk

    So if you are not his friend. It also has ancestors from Likavka. Also has been dealing with genealogical research in the.

  3. Stanislav Hatala says:

    Ondrej, napis mi email. S.Hatala

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