Karel Herčka/Hrčka – winemaker in Vienna

  • karel hrcka kvety 1840 page 143 002
  • karel hrcka kvety 1840 page 143 003
  • karel hrcka kvety 1840 page 143 004
  • karel hrcka kvety 1840 page 143 005

Another catch from the library:

Karel Herčka (Tuber?) – winemaker in Vienna, donee prerogative to 5 years the idea (patent, business plans around): woolen yarn, Oleg inked (oil), Anthrax hungry Ole remove (release), that might be easier to stain for.

…using additives cheap remove grease from woolen yarn that could subsequently easier farbiť (removal natural wool grease).

The transcript of the “češtinoslovančiny” helped: Ing. arch. Peter Krusinsky, PhD.

Michal Hrčka

~ Michal is a founder of company (Restoration inc.) that is mostly concerned with restoration and conservation of historical facades, interiors and castles using traditional materials and techniques. ~ In the year 2000 he established an internet magazine about cultural heritage www.obnova.sk, which is the biggest internet medium at this field now. ~ http://hrcka.eu/kontakt/

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