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Priezvisko Hrčka in Regione Vsacko

In books and magazines Patriotic Museum Association in Olomouc. Číslo 61, 1899; page 90, I found mention of priezvicku Hrčka. The area is close to Zilina and Trencin. The names of the Vsacko. Vsetín : Badara, Bařina, Babylon, Col, Black eyed, ČANĚK,...


Vlastivĕda Moravia – podanných list of 1673

Interesting data I found in the book: Vlastivĕda Moravia, edited by publishers association of museum in Brno year 1914. Dust cover: Citácia z Google Books: Here the list of the submitted 1673, including the...


Persons registered in the Czech lists STB

Persons included in the lists of the Czech Communist STB Surname, Name Born(a) Residence Type cooperation with recording management STB code name Volume Hrčka Francis ??? A Secret Headquarters SK + Bratislava Hotels 6596 John hamster 24.03.1951 Fiduciary...