The incidence Hrčka name / Hrčková

According to the publication: P. Ďurčo a before.: Database of proper names and names of sites in Slovakia. Background to the project: Copernicus Programme, project COP-58: Onomásticas-Copernicus DATABASE. CD ROM. Paris: ELRA – 1998.

Last name Tuber in Slovakia in 1995 box contained 560 ×, Total number of sites: 146, mostly occur in locations:
ZVOLEN, round. ZVOLEN – 33×;
TRNAVA, round. TRNAVA – 30×;
Bánovice NAD Bebravou, round. TOPOĽČANY (from r. 1996 Bánovice NAD Bebravou) – 20×;
Horni Krupa, round. TRNAVA – 19×;
BUČANY, round. TRNAVA – 12×;
Nova Bystrica, round. ČADCA – 12×;
Dolna OAK, round. TRNAVA – 11×;
PETRŽALKA (community BRATISLAVA), round. BRATISLAVA – 11×;
BOHUNICE (community Bohunice), round. TRNAVA – 10×;
Kolačno, round. TOPOĽČANY (from r. 1996 PARTIZÁNSKE) – 10×;

Last name Ostraka lumps in Slovakia in 1995 box contained 1 ×, Total number of sites: 1, in locations:
Záhorská Bystrica (community BRATISLAVA), round. BRATISLAVA – 1×;

Last name Hrčková in Slovakia in 1995 box contained 574 ×, Total number of sites: 153, mostly occur in locations:
ZVOLEN, round. ZVOLEN – 41×;
TRNAVA, round. TRNAVA – 20×;
PETRŽALKA (community BRATISLAVA), round. BRATISLAVA – 17×;
Horni Krupa, round. TRNAVA – 14×;
Bánovice NAD Bebravou, round. TOPOĽČANY (from r. 1996 Bánovice NAD Bebravou) – 13×;
PIEŠŤANY, round. TRNAVA (from r. 1996 PIEŠŤANY) – 13×;
RUŽOMBEROK, round. Liptovsky Mikulas (from r. 1996 RUŽOMBEROK) – 13×;
Zvončín, round. TRNAVA – 13×;
Likavka, round. Liptovsky Mikulas (from r. 1996 RUŽOMBEROK) – 12×;
Poniky, round. BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – 12×;

Other recommendations literature, if someone had time to study:

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Ďurčo, Peter - Medlar, Milan - Trash, Joseph: ONOMASTICA-Copernicus. Kop.exe, User´s Guide. 1. vyd. Department of the Foreign Languages, Police Academy of the Slovak Republic & Central Register of the Inhabitants of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava 1996. – 24 s.

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Michal Hrčka

~ Michal is a founder of company (Restoration inc.) that is mostly concerned with restoration and conservation of historical facades, interiors and castles using traditional materials and techniques. ~ In the year 2000 he established an internet magazine about cultural heritage, which is the biggest internet medium at this field now. ~

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5 Responses

  1. Barbara Prelcova rod.Hrčkova says:

    Occurrence of the surname in Hrčková 1995 nemate said general Kolačno okr.Partizanske. I myself had then 10 years and it was us that if we count well over 10 ziem with that surname. It's great to read about her at birth.

  2. Hi Brabara,
    thank you for the info. Evidence this circuit Hrckovcov as Banovce-Omastina. In addition it is another focal point in the vicinity of Trnava Likavka (Ruzomberok). I'll be glad when you send me more information about your branch to [email protected]

  3. Zdenko Hrcek says:

    Ahoj este jeden hrcek sa hlasi z vojvodiny zo srbska tu nas je dost riodiny v Pivnici.Sem sa dostahovali Hrckovi a otialto sa rosireli do sriemu a chorvacka ameriki kanadi a australije.Mame volaki rodokmen ze pochadzame z okoli Trencina.Za Likavku viem ze sa nachadzaju hrckovi lebo som ubitoval jenu crckovu ked mal subor liptov zajazd u nas.

  4. Hi Zdenko, yes She wrote to me too. Anka Hrcek
    Stale som vsak s tvarom Hrček na pchybach. Ked bude cas povenujem sa tomu.

  5. You know more about that?

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